Dear Fellow Tailgater,


The best Tailgate Experience is with Gamedaytailgating. “It doesn’t get any easier than this….You show up at your tailgate and have a great time with your guests. We deliver, setup, teardown and tow away your tailgate party. Gamedaytailgating hospitality trailers all come with 2 Tv’s, gas grills, 2 PS4,tent, tables, tailgate games and beer taps. Everyone loves a great tailgate but when you add up all the effort and energy it takes to plan, shop, pack-up, claim a site, set up, take down and put it all away, a tailgate can be overwhelming and draining.


Gameday Tailgating takes the hassle out of tailgating offering  fans a unique, convenient and relaxing way to enjoy family, friends and fans whether it’s with a small group or a large party.


See You in the Lot!

Tail.gate \ tal'-gate \ verb, intrasitive:

  • 1. To parcipate in a picnic that is served from the tailgate of a vehicle as before a sports event.

  • 2. Eat, drink and be merry